About Texzel Ltd.

Texzel, founded in 2010, was created to market a new, more versatile Guaranteed Appraisal Service. This new Service has significant advantages over the original product brought to the market by the Principals of Texzel in 1968.

The Principals have each spent over 40 years providing exceptional appraisal and liquidation services to the financial community. They were first to create and market successfully a guaranteed appraisal service that met the demands of both the insurance and lending communities.

Texzel provides the two critical service elements of the Guaranteed Appraisal Program. The appraisal service presents to the client for the term of the insured guaranty a schedule of values of the assets defined as the collateral underlying the loans or leases. As liquidators, we are relied upon by the financial institutions to liquidate assets at a yield to them equal to, or in excess of the appraised value guidelines. Any shortfall in recovery will be paid by the insurance carrier. This service is invaluable to banks and other lending institutions in structuring leasing and lending transactions wherein reliance on collateral is essential.

These services have found ready acceptance nationally and internationally particularly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany and Spain. More than $1 billion in asset values have benefited from this protection.

Using similar concepts found with insured appraisals, Texzel is developing other programs that protect lenders and investors from losses that might be incurred if recovery upon default fails to meet predetermined and contracted for values.

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