Texzel Ltd. Introduces
the Guaranteed
Appraisal Program

Who bears the risk of loss when assets are sold under adverse or distressed conditions? Normally the owner does. Or the lender when a loan or lease is involved bears responsibility. But neither faces that risk when assets are covered by the Texzel Guaranteed Appraisal Program ("GAP").

Under its terms, the future estimated value of assets covered by the program is guaranteed to be a sum certain upon the sale of those assets. This value is established using a schedule of liquidated values created by Texzel or one of its approved representatives and agreed upon when the loan agreement is executed. This holds true whenever the sale takes place. From the first to the last day of the schedule.

What it means to you as a lender or owner is total protection against future market variations and possible losses when the assets are sold under adverse or distressed conditions.

In addition to assuring the future value of your assets, a Texzel Guaranteed Appraisal Program offers these advantages:

  • Facilitates debt financing by securing the equity holder with an insurance policy issued by an AM Best rated "A" or better company.
  • Permits recognition of depreciated values in the profit stream.
  • Aids in compliance with Regulation Y, Operating Lease Requirements.
  • Allows balance sheet presentation of an asset's true value.

What's Covered?

A Texzel Guaranteed Appraisal Program can be created for most types of equipment and real property. Texzel's areas of particular expertise include:

  • Aircraft (Business & Commercial)
  • Barges
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Contracting Equipment
  • Oil Drilling Equipment
  • Rail Cars
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